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-To obtain an estimate from us, you may email us a description of the work you are needing done, and we will try to quote you through email.

-If your job cannot be estimated through email, there will be a $50.00 trip charge to come and estimate your job in person. The trip charge is credited back upon the completion of the work.

-UPFRONT PRICING and all work is priced BY THE JOB, not by the hour. 

-The estimate trip charge must be paid by credit card under the "Pay Online" tab to the left.

-If you need to CANCEL your estimate, the trip charge is NON-REFUNDABLE.

-If you need to RE-SCHEDULE the estimate, it must be done at least 48 "weekday" hours prior to the appointment start time or the trip charge fee will be forfeited. (i.e. A scheduled estimate time of Monday at 8am, must be rescheduled by Thursday at 8am.

-We give a 15 minute grace period for each appointment. After that it will be considered a NO-SHOW, and the trip charge becomes forfeited.

-Only ONE reschedule allowed per per booking deposit. 


P.O. Box 36194 Houston, Tx 77236 | Phone: 281.685.8549 | bobby@swinginghammer.com